This is the coastal town,
that they forgot to close down…

We often refer to the way we work as a ‘virtual studio’, so it may seem somewhat strange to talk about where we’re from; but it’s important to say a bit more about how it shapes an attitude to work, how it influences and inspires our creative processes.

At some point or another, we have all lived or worked in Portsmouth, a proud island city: ‘The Northern town that found itself on the South Coast’. Portsmouth has, for the greater part, been passed over by gentrification and urban regeneration.

The late Alan Ball once described it as “A tough street-fighting city – they send people to war from here.” The military influence may be increasingly consigned to heritage, but the enduring fabric of the city is characterised by straight-talking honesty and a stubborn sense of idosyncrasy.

At the southern edge, Southsea greets the Solent with three miles of windswept and shingle-strewn Victorian promenade; the last of its naïve hand-painted signs pay lonely homage to the signwriter’s craft. Soundtracked by gulls, framed by strands of coloured lights, the beautifully tatty horizon glows with the kitsch of candyfloss pink, neon blue and sunset orange.

Beyond chips in a cone and candy-striped nostalgia, living by the sea lends a perspective that is inextricably woven into our approach to work. It’s about looking for a broader sense of meaning, to create sustainable work that endures past the life of a campaign or trend.

Effective brands communicate as much about their purpose as the benefits they offer; to tell a story that successfully connects the past through the present to the future, we think it matters to know where you’re from.

Enveloped within this coastline is a flourishing creative sector and robust independent scene. Our work might travel far from these shores, but we always maintain a firm investment in supporting the people and organisations doing interesting things in our local community, the things that we care about: arts & music, education, sport, charities and worthwhile causes.

If good work comes from understanding and communicating a client’s values, when we work together with shared values, we create the potential to do truly great things…